As many of our loyal clients know, safety is a top priority for the Abrams Towing team. You might have seen that we recently implemented Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert to provide drivers with real-time digital alerts when our tow truck operators are out and about on the roads of Ontario. We’re taking things a step further and have outfitted our entire fleet with dashboard cameras. This move is a benefit to our clients, towing operators, and other motorists.

The Benefits of Dash Cams for Towing Companies

Dash cams are becoming more and more common on the roads. This is undoubtedly due to the ample benefits they provide. Abrams has chosen to go this route to reap the advantages of being able to be proactive rather than reactive when it matters most.

Previously, our on-the-road coaching for driving behavior had been reactive. If an operator received a ticket or was involved in an accident, measures were taken to address the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

Now, with the help of our newly installed AI dashboard cameras, we are able to utilize preventative alerts. Additionally, these serve an unprecedented logistics utility. We are able to review live footage remotely to assess large events and determine whether or not more resources should be dispatched.

One major reason we have implemented AI dash cam technology across our fleet vehicles is to coach our towing operators. Not only are we able to evaluate specific situations and train our drivers on how best to avoid mishaps and respond appropriately, it also assists us in improving safe habits. 

Prior to this change, we might not have been aware of certain driving patterns and missteps unless a ride along was performed. This means that bad habits could become deeply ingrained in the day-to-day functions of the job. Now, we can identify and correct any such mistakes before they become a bigger issue.

Finally, the use of dash cams serves to protect our customers and other motorists as well. There is never a question of what did or did not happen at the scene anymore. This should provide a sense of security for both our clients and towing operators.

A Change That Benefits Us All

Abrams is excited to see how this new change will continue to enhance the level of customer service we are able to provide. It also offers us a unique opportunity to coach our tow truck drivers while also supporting their safety and goals.