What emergency roadside services do you offer in Newmarket?

Your first point of contact with Abrams will be with our trained dispatch team. They will ask you questions in order to be able to send the right team with the right equipment to your location. At Abrams, we get the job done right the first time!

Our 24 Hour Newmarket Roadside Assistance Service includes:


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(905) 898-8888

to learn more about our comprehensive roadside assistance services.

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How to Stay Safe While You Wait for Roadside Assistance

The most important thing to remember when your once-trusty vehicle breaks down is to stay safe. Please keep these safety factors in mind – they are for your own good! If you don’t feel safe staying in your vehicle, please make sure to call our dispatch center and let our dispatchers know your concerns.

  1. It’s dangerous to stand on the side of the road. Stay in your vehicle or find shelter, if possible.
  2. Activate your vehicle’s emergency flashers.
  3. Never stand between two parked vehicles.
  4. Move your car off the road to safety even if you have a flat.
  5. Carry a charged cell phone at all times.

Safety is our number one priority and it should be yours as well. From the minute you call our dispatch center, a tow truck nearby will be immediately dispatched to your location. Help is on the way.

24/7 Emergency Number:

We implore you not to abandon your vehicle by the side of a road (or highway!) and walk to a service center. Stay safe and remain in your vehicle. Other motorists are not expecting you to be outside of your vehicle and accidents can easily happen. All it takes to get rapid help is a call to our 24/7 dispatch center who will immediately dispatch a team to your exact location.

Our dispatch operations are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and feature the most advanced software and GPS tracking technology available, which allows us to guarantee you safe, fast, and reliable roadside assistance.

24 Hour Gas Delivery in Newmarket, ON

Out of gas? Stuck on the road and need a refill? Abrams Towing can quickly deliver you fuel wherever you’re stalled.

Whether your vehicle takes diesel, regular, or premium gas, Abrams is always ready to deliver fuel to get you back on the road quickly.