Emergency Car Lockout Service

Having the keys to a car is great. Having your keys trapped inside a car is not. Abrams provides affordable car door unlock services that allow you to get inside your car and on with your day. Our door unlock professionals arrive on site and unlock your door, so you can gain access to your key. So whether you locked your key inside your car or your door lock is malfunctioning, call Abrams to have your door unlocked right away

Call us at 1-800-267-4594 and a member of our team will immediately be dispatched to your location. We have the training to get into your car without breaking or scratching your window or damaging the interior mechanism of your door. Why risk damaging your vehicle when you could have had the job done right the first time by Abrams?

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24/7 Lockout Service Near Me

We offer emergency vehicle lockout service to the Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Markham, Etobicoke, Vaughan, and Newmarket. Our lockout services include:

  • Keys Locked in Car
  • Car Lockout Service
  • Unlock Car Door
  • Keys Stuck in Ignition
  • Trunk Lockout
  • Jammed Locks and Broken
  • Locks
  • And more!

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and we will get you back in your car in no time.

Car Keys Locked in Trunk

We’ve all seen at least one sitcom where the main character is unloading groceries from their vehicle when, BAM, their trunk slams down and they realize that their keys are still in the car. As the laugh track runs, we watch the protagonist look into the car and come to the realization that their keys are in the trunk! Okay, back to reality. If this does happen to you, it’s imperative that you do not try and unlock the truck directly.

Many newer makes and models of vehicles are outfitted with a security system that would pick up on you trying to get into the trunk and completely lock down as it would think a burglary is in progress. Abrams’ team will carefully assess the situation. If we deem it safe to pick the lock on your trunk, we will do so. If not, we will focus on unlocking the front cabin of your vehicle and gaining access to the trunk from there.

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Heavy Duty Lockout Service Near Me

Looking for a lockout service for a truck or other heavy duty vehicle? Look no further than Abrams! Our comprehensive heavy duty towing services include lockout services!

  • Bus Lockout
  • RV Lockout
  • Truck Lockout
  • Motorhome Lockout Service Near Me

Limit your truck’s downtime by calling the heavy duty experts at Abrams!

24/7 Fuel Delivery Service – Car Out of Gas

Abrams provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance across Southern Ontario including:

Call us now at 1-800-267-4594 for rapid assistance with flat tires, fuel delivery, and car lockouts.