Heavy recovery required as dump truck rolls of a dirt road in Toronto

Super heavy dump truck needs heavy recovery by Abrams Kids love to roll down hills but when (incredibly) heavy dump trucks join the party, it is soon game over. When our heavy towing expert, John Allen arrived, the dump truck was lying on the passenger side, down a hill on a dirt road near Newmarket, [...]

Vacuum Truck Needs Construction Equipment Towing

Construction Equipment Towing Saves Sucker Truck The joke around the office is that our construction equipment towing team rescued a sucker truck from a sucking disaster.  A vacuum truck (or sucking truck) was clearing out debris from a construction site here in Toronto. For sensitive areas (with underground pipes and cables), construction projects use vacuum [...]

Retired Jet Moved by Heavy Duty Towing Toronto Effort

Snowbird Moved by Heavy Duty Towing Effort A retired Snowbird  jet was recently adopted by the a local Museum and a Heavy Duty Towing Toronto was called on to make the move.  The Edenvale Aircraft Museum  accepted this beautiful old Snowbird so aircraft lovers everywhere could appreciate its design and history. Abrams Towing Service was [...]

Towing an All-Wheel Drive – How to Tow an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Towing an All-Wheel Drive – How to Tow an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles are ever-growing in popularity, thanks to the added safety of all four wheels delivering equal acceleration while driving. With the growing popularity of SUVs and fuel economy figures almost near their two-wheel drive counterparts, all-wheel drive vehicles seem like [...]

Winter Driving Tips for Canadian Winters

Winter Driving Tips for Canadian Winters Winter driving is an inevitable challenge for most Canadian drivers. Whether you are driving through a busy snow-covered highway in Toronto or zipping through a country road in interior British Columbia, snow and ice affects the way we drive. Although a majority Ontarians live in the southern most part [...]