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Weight Watching: Keep Your Load Balanced with Professional Help

How to Handle Unexpected Load Challenges on the Road On a busy highway or during a routine transport route, truckers often face unexpected challenges. Imagine navigating through a sudden, sharp turn only to feel a shift of the load behind you, signaling a potential danger not just to your delivery but also to your [...]

Weathering the Storm: Safety Tips for Driving in Rain and Fog

Driving through the ever-changing weather conditions of Toronto can be challenging, to say the least. From the thick fog of an early morning to the blinding snowstorms that sweep through in the blink of an eye, being prepared is not just advisable; it's essential. This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge and [...]

Road Safety: Optimizing Tire Pressure for Safety and Efficiency

The Right Tire Pressure is Important One critical car maintenance factor that is often overlooked is the tire pressure. It's not just about avoiding a flat tire; it's about ensuring your safety, the longevity of your tires, and even saving on fuel. And that’s important stuff! Let's look closely into why maintaining the right [...]

Roadside Rescue: How to Safely Wait for a Tow Truck

Needing a tow truck after a vehicle breakdown can be daunting, especially when it happens unexpectedly on busy roads or in remote areas. Understanding what to do in these crucial moments is essential for every motorist's road safety. Here is a quick guide on what to do when your vehicle needs a tow truck. [...]

Abrams Adopts Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert

Abrams Towing has been Ontario’s trusted local towing company since 1984. We take pride in serving the community with reliable, professional towing services. Our clients have come to expect superior customer service, in addition to fast and affordable towing. But above all, we strive to complete our jobs in a safe manner to ensure the [...]

Ontario Towing Company Gets Thumbs Up

Ontario Towing Company Cleared to Conduct Police-Requested Tows Abrams Towing, a local Ontario towing company, is taking part in programs that have been created to assist Ontario’s towing sector. Plagued by competition and violence for years, the Ontario towing industry has had its fair share of controversy and issues. In the past, Ontario towing [...]