Crane Services Team Moves Drilling Rig

Crane Services Team Assists With Geological Survey off of the 401 Abrams was called out to Pickering, in the region of Durham earlier this month to provide crane services for a geological survey. Not every job is a standard tow job responding to a broken down car. The Abrams team is highly trained to work [...]

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Underground Towing a Honda Accord from a Parking Garage

Underground Towing a Honda Accord from a Parking Garage Tow trucks are generally fairly large. In fact, the average tow truck has an average height of 81 inches (6.75 feet) and a length of 96 inches (8 feet). Many residential garages generally have ceiling heights that aren't very accommodating to trucks of this size. So [...]

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Construction Towing Mississauga Team Helps After Scary Accident

Medical Emergency Causes Truck Driver to Lose Control in Mississauga Abrams' dispatch centre received a call requiring immediate assistance from the construction towing Mississauga team at an incident on a farm in Hamilton. The driver of a flatbed truck with a moffett attached at the back had experienced a medical emergency causing him to lose [...]

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Towing a Ferrari 458 using a Flatbed Tow Truck

Towing a Ferrari 458 using a Flatbed Tow Truck Every once in a while, our drivers have the opportunity to tow some pretty special cars. Last week, we received a call to tow a Ferrari 458 from a customer's house to a shipping facility. Our dispatch assigned Rezk Zabanah to do the job. As one [...]

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Abrams Tows a Blast from the Past Down the 409

Heavy Tow Service Mississauga Team Dips Their Toes into Showbiz! This was definitely a job the Heavy Tow Service Mississauga Team will never forget! Imagine driving down the ON-409 W and seeing an immaculate 1960’s Greyhound bus rolling alongside you! The sight of this bus on the road must have left many drivers checking their [...]

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Flying Tools on 407 Meet Heavy Towing Mississauga

Abrams’ Heavy Towing Mississauga Team Prevents Rush Hour Chaos Abrams Heavy Towing Mississauga team was called into action when a 3 ton service truck suddenly went airborne on the ramp of the northbound 407 and eastbound 401. The truck was outfitted with tool boxes full of tools, a welder, and a small crane arm. The [...]

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Towing an Accident on a Busy Road with Dave Martino

Towing an Accident Off a Busy Road with Dave Martino With significantly less cars on the road today due to the pandemic, drivers are less likely to get stuck in traffic and more likely to drive faster. Because of this, we haven't seen a significant reduction in accidents. Why? Because when people drive in traffic, [...]

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Heavy recovery required as dump truck rolls of a dirt road in Toronto

Super heavy dump truck needs heavy recovery by Abrams Kids love to roll down hills but when (incredibly) heavy dump trucks join the party, it is soon game over. When our heavy towing expert, John Allen arrived, the dump truck was lying on the passenger side, down a hill on a dirt road near Newmarket, [...]

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Why Trucks Roll Over – Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp

Why Trucks Roll Over - Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp When driving a truck, it's not just about what you're driving. It's also about what you're pulling. We've all seen truck rollovers, where a truck is flipped over on its side and wonder "How did such a heavy machine flip over?" A truck is [...]

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Towing Services Makes Beach Rescue

Land Rover needs towing services after beach party Everyone loves a good beach party! Bonfires, music, drinks and friends, it all sounds pretty good to us here at Abrams Towing Services! A little while ago, our towing team was contacted for the beach rescue of a Land Rover that got stuck in the sand after [...]

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