Heavy recovery required as dump truck rolls of a dirt road in Toronto

Super heavy dump truck needs heavy recovery by Abrams Kids love to roll down hills but when (incredibly) heavy dump trucks join the party, it is soon game over. When our heavy towing expert, John Allen arrived, the dump truck was lying on the passenger side, down a hill on a dirt road near Newmarket, [...]

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Why Trucks Roll Over – Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp

Why Trucks Roll Over - Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp When driving a truck, it's not just about what you're driving. It's also about what you're pulling. We've all seen truck rollovers, where a truck is flipped over on its side and wonder "How did such a heavy machine flip over?" A truck is [...]

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Towing Services Makes Beach Rescue

Land Rover needs towing services after beach party Everyone loves a good beach party! Bonfires, music, drinks and friends, it all sounds pretty good to us here at Abrams Towing Services! A little while ago, our towing team was contacted for the beach rescue of a Land Rover that got stuck in the sand after [...]

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Cement Truck Needs Semi Towing in Toronto

Semi towing needed as cement transport truck faces mechanical failure causing it to roll over A cement transport truck with a fully loaded concrete mixer faced mechanical failure on a concrete yard in Toronto West End and needed semi towing. The truck fell over to the side and Abrams Towing was contacted for assistance and [...]

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Towing Service Moves Generator

Abram’s Towing Service Moves and Transports Massive Power Generator to Toronto   This past week Abrams Towing Service was called in to lift, relocate and transport a massive power generator from Mississauga to downtown Toronto. We think this is a really, important story simply because of all the scarcity and and prepping going on right [...]

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Vacuum Truck Needs Construction Equipment Towing

Construction Equipment Towing Saves Sucker Truck The joke around the office is that our construction equipment towing team rescued a sucker truck from a sucking disaster.  A vacuum truck (or sucking truck) was clearing out debris from a construction site here in Toronto. For sensitive areas (with underground pipes and cables), construction projects use vacuum [...]

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Retired Jet Moved by Heavy Duty Towing Toronto Effort

Snowbird Moved by Heavy Duty Towing Effort A retired Snowbird  jet was recently adopted by the a local Museum and a Heavy Duty Towing Toronto was called on to make the move.  The Edenvale Aircraft Museum  accepted this beautiful old Snowbird so aircraft lovers everywhere could appreciate its design and history. Abrams Towing Service was [...]

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Heavy Towing of 1 Retired Fire Truck

Abrams Heavy Towing Delivers Retired Fire Truck Some heavy towing was needed to move an old fire truck from a fire house in Coburg to the scrap yard in Port Perry. The machines and community service trucks we use in our communities become part of the family. The Cobourg community asked Abrams to help retire [...]

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Abrams Message Regarding COVID-19

Abrams Message Regarding COVID-19 At Abrams, we have been actively monitoring the current COVID-19 scenario over the past few days. The health and well-being of our customers, employees, and community is of utmost importance during this time. In response, we have implemented universal precautions as outlined by the Government of Canada’s website. We are taking [...]

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