Towing an Accident on a Busy Road with Dave Martino

Towing an Accident Off a Busy Road with Dave Martino With significantly less cars on the road today due to the pandemic, drivers are less likely to get stuck in traffic and more likely to drive faster. Because of this, we haven't seen a significant reduction in accidents. Why? Because when people drive in traffic, [...]

Why Trucks Roll Over – Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp

Why Trucks Roll Over - Heavy Truck Rollover on Highway On-Ramp When driving a truck, it's not just about what you're driving. It's also about what you're pulling. We've all seen truck rollovers, where a truck is flipped over on its side and wonder "How did such a heavy machine flip over?" A truck is [...]

Abrams Message Regarding COVID-19

Abrams Message Regarding COVID-19 At Abrams, we have been actively monitoring the current COVID-19 scenario over the past few days. The health and well-being of our customers, employees, and community is of utmost importance during this time. In response, we have implemented universal precautions as outlined by the Government of Canada’s website. We are taking [...]

Wrong Way Driver faces $1,546 Fine, Suspension, and Car Impounded

Wrong Way Driver faces $1,546 Fine, Suspension, and Car Impounded Driving the wrong way on a road is dangerous. Driving the wrong way on a highway is much worse. Two vehicles travelling at over 100km/h hitting each other at a combined impact speed of over 200km/h. Not too far from Ottawa, a lady was travelling [...]

This Black Car “shared” a lane with a Mitsubishi and caused an accident

Getting sideswiped is no fun. While most bumper-to-bumper collisions are due to speed and distraction, sideswipes are often caused by people not checking their mirror and blindspot before changing their lanes. The scary thing about sideswipes is it affects other vehicles in adjacent lanes as well. For instance, in any Toronto highway where there are [...]

Oldsmobile sideswipes Toyota, and then blames the Toyota driver. Who was at fault?

Driving on snow-covered roads is no fun. The lack of traction, poor visibility, and an inability to see the lane markers all create a terrible driving experience for most drivers. The driver in this video was driving his Toyota Matrix in his lane at what seemed to be an appropriate speed. Another driver in [...]

This Tesla decided to use the Bike Lane and Caused an Accident

We all love Teslas. They look cool, cost almost nothing to run, and are great for the environment. Some people would even say it is a status symbol of wealth and exclusivity - even though you could now pick one up for around $50,000. One of the perks of owning an electric car is using [...]