Towing a Straight Truck off a Highway on a Narrow Shoulder

I got a call for a GMC T7500 straight truck that was stuck on Highway 401 in Mississauga. The truck had blown a hose that was leading to the radiator. The driver was able to get a ride from one of his coworkers and left the truck unattended in the presence of police. After arriving, I waved at the officer to let him know I had arrived. Then I lowered my wrecker’s boom to prepare for the tow. I reversed my truck a bit to bring it closer to the straight truck. After lining up my truck, I had to now pull out the driveshaft. I grabbed my tools from my truck and disconnected the T7500’s driveshaft to allow its wheels to roll freely.

Lowering my wrecker boom for the tow Disconnecting the driveshaft before towing

And finally, I took my tow light bar and connected it to the back of the straight truck for safety. The owner wanted the truck towed to his mechanic’s shop in Milton, which I was happy to do. In the video, you’ll notice how narrow the highway shoulder is. I had to do some of the work while walking on the live lane. Fortunately an Ontario Provincial Police officer was there to assist me by warning other drivers with their presence.

The truck was in a very na I installed my tow light bar to the back of the straight truck