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Our Commitment

Abrams Towing is committed to service excellence and in providing our services in a manner that is inclusive and accessible to our customers. As part of our commitment to service excellence we are pleased to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Policy Statement

Abrams Towing is committed to providing excellent, inclusive and accessible services to all of our customers. Our commitment to accessible customer service to people with disabilities is consistent with our values of providing responsive, resourceful, reliable and responsible service. In keeping with the principles of the AODA, Abrams Towing will make reasonable efforts to provide our services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all of our customers.

AODA Accessibility Training

Abrams Towing requires employees, volunteers, agents and others who provide goods and services on our behalf and those involved in developing our policies, procedures and practices to complete accessibility training as stipulated under the AODA.

Customer Service Standard and Policy

Under our AODA Customer Service Policy, we will carry out, in the following areas, our commitment to customers with disabilities:

  1. Communication
    Abrams staff communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take their disability into consideration. Abrams provides training for all staff who communicate with customers to ensure they are knowledgeable in their interactions with people with disabilities, both face to face and via telephone. Abrams offers multiple ways to communicate with customers.
  2. Providing Services to Customers with Disabilities
    Abrams Towing staff and agents will make reasonable efforts to provide the same or comparable services to people with disabilities as those provided to others. Staff will communicate with customers who have disabilities in a manner that takes their disability into account.
    Customer service information including invoices, agreements, and other service related information will be provided in an accessible format to customers with disabilities upon request. The format used will be determined in consultation with the customer.
  3. Assisted Devices
    Abrams is committed to serving people with disabilities who use assisted devices to obtain, use or benefit from our goods and services. Abrams provides training to all associates to familiarize them with the types of assistance devices used by people with disabilities.
  4. Use of Service Animals and Support Persons
    Abrams welcomes people with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person or service animal. At no time will support persons or service animals be prevented from entering our premises. Dispatchers will send appropriate trucks and drivers that can accommodate customers with a support person or service animal. Abrams provides training to all staff on how to interact with people with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person or service animal.
  5. Training
    Abrams is committed to meeting all staff training requirements under the AODA Customer Service Standard.
  6. Accessibility Feedback Process
    Feedback and complaints about the manner in which services are provided to customers with disabilities help to identify accessibility barriers and areas that require improvements. Privacy will be respected and feedback will be reviewed for service improvement purposes.
    Staff and others acting on behalf of Abrams Towing will forward feedback to the applicable managers.
  7. Customers wishing to provide feedback on how Abrams is meeting the needs of customers with disabilities may contact us:

All feedback is reviewed and responded to within two business days.


Abrams will ensure that all staff are trained on;

  • AODA an Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
  • The Code as it relates to people with disabilities; and
  • Abrams policies and plans thereunder

Training will be appropriate to the duties performed by the individual. Training will be provided as soon as practical after an individual begins working or otherwise providing services necessitating training. Abrams will ensure that training is provided on any changes to relevant policies on an ongoing basis.

Training record specifying when training was completed and how many staff took the training are kept and maintained by Human Resources. Accessibility training record can be made available in accessible format and communication supports provided upon request.

Design of Public Spaces

Abrams will ensure that it complies with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation’s Design of Public Spaces Standards and the Ontario Building Code.

Recruitment and Employment

Abrams will ensure that every person with a disability has an equal opportunity with respect to recruiting, hiring, career development, performance management and advancement without discrimination, and receives accommodations where required, in accordance with he Code and

Recruitment, Assessment or Selection Process

Abrams will ensure that job postings specify that accommodation is available for applicants with disabilities during the recruitment and interview/assessment processes

Abrams will train its staff involved in recruitment and hiring to notify job applicants, when they are individually selected to participate further in an assessment or selection process that accommodations are available upon request in relation to the materials or processes to be used.

During any phone screening process, Abrams will inform applicants that accommodation are available. If a selected applicant requests an accommodation, Abrams will consult with the applicant and provide, or arrange for the provisions of, a suitable accommodation in a manner that takes into account the applicant’s accessibility needs due to disability.

Notice to Successful Applicants

When making offers of employment, Abrams will notify the successful applicant of its policies for accommodating employees with disabilities, as well as information on where and how to obtain copies of such policies, including in accessible formats.

Informing Workers of Supports

Abrams will inform its workers of its policies (and any updates to those policies) used to support workers with disabilities. Such policies include, but are not limited to: the Individual Accommodation Plan Policy, the Return to Work Policy, and the Emergency Evacuation Policy.

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports for Employees

Upon the request of an employee with a disability, Abrams will consult with the employee to provide, or arrange for the provision of, accessible formats and communication supports for information that is needed to perform his/her job, and information that is generally available to other employees. In determining the suitability of an accessible format or communication support, Abrams will consult with the employee making the request.

Workplace Emergency Response Information

Abrams will provide individualized workplace emergency response information to employees who have a disability, if the disability is such that the individualized information is necessary, and if Abrams is aware of the need for accommodation due to the employee’s disability. Abrams will provide this information as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the need for accommodation

Where the employee requires assistance, Abrams will, with the consent of the employee, provide the workplace emergency response information to the person designated by Abrams to provide assistance to the employee.

Documented Individual Accommodation Plans

Abrams has a process for developing individual accommodation plans for employees that require accommodation in the workplace as set out in the Individual Accommodation Plan Policy.

If requested, information regarding accessible formats and communications supports provided will also be included in individual accommodation plans.

Contractors and Others Acting on Behalf of Abrams Towing

Contractors and other individuals or organizations acting on behalf of Abrams Towing must abide by the AODA Accessibility Policy and fulfill AODA training requirements.

Questions about this Policy

If you have questions about this policy or wish to receive a copy please contact:
Abrams Towing
Human Resources,
124 LePage Court Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1Z9
Phone: 416-398-2500
Fax: 416-398-6189
Email: hr@abrams.ca

A copy of the Abrams AODA Customer Service Policy is available in an alternate format, upon request.

Revised: April 2021