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At Abrams Towing we understand that it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable when your car or truck breaks down. That is why our Oakville Tow Truck Operators are well-trained and equipped to deal with your needs in an efficient, caring, and professional manner.

Your Abrams experience will start with our friendly dispatch team. Each of our dispatchers has undergone extensive training in order to be able to get the most out of your conversation. An efficient dispatcher means that we will get a tow truck to you as quickly as possible!


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Abrams is reliable.

Abrams Towing is the largest towing company in Canada, offering a full spectrum of equipment and personnel you can depend on to deliver the same high level of service every day. Our tow trucks, equipment, and staff redundancies ensure that our systems are always prepared to help you when you need it.

Our dedicated and loyal staff receive extensive training and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our fleet of over 160 trucks can handle any job, big or small, From minor roadside assistance to winching out a truck from a ditch, we can take the job. Trust us when we say that no job is too difficult for Abrams.

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At Abrams Towing, our mission is to provide a superior experience for your customers. We continually strive to exceed expectations while improving our level of towing and roadside assistance programs. Our equipment and personnel are seasoned problem-solvers who handle the broadest range of towing scenarios and consistently provide superior service to our clients. From the moment your call is received, we manage every step to get you back on the road in a carefully systemized way.

Every member of the Abrams team fully understands the high standards to which we are each held, delivering timely and thoughtful service to our customers.

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