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School buses are an important pillar of a school system. Students rely on your school bus operation to get them to and from their school. School boards trust you to bring their students to school no matter the weather. That’s why you need a reliable roadside assistance partner for your school bus operation.

Heavy Towing Truck


Your riders depend on your buses to get them to school. Your entire business is dependent on the peak performance of your bus fleet. So when your buses require towing, you can depend on Abrams to tow your bus to your maintenance or repair facility.

Abrams Towing operates a large fleet of medium and heavy duty tow trucks designed to tow a range of school buses.

So whether you are looking to tow a small Ford E-350 minibus or a large Thomas Saf-T-Liner school bus, Abrams will provide reliable towing for your entire school bus fleet.


Your school buses are with you for a long time. While the engine might give you hundreds of thousands of worry-free mileage, your battery might create some problems along the way. Abrams provides quick and reliable battery boost service to get your school buses up and running. So if the cold weather has worn out your battery, or your vehicle’s accessory mode used up all your power, Abrams will provide quick battery boost service to get you back on the road.


Winching tow truck

Extreme weather creates significant downtime for your school bus operation. Cold weather and snow can create havoc, especially if your buses have been sitting on a lot for several hours. Abrams provides winching services to pull your buses out of of bad weather conditions.

If your bus is stuck in heavy snow or has slipped into a ditch, Abrams will winch it out so you can be back in service.


At Abrams Towing, we like to stand out as bringing our highest level of integrity to each of our customers, every day. 
We strive to give 100 percent to every job, big or small. Our dedicated and loyal staff receive extensive training and are ISO 9001:2008 certified. To top it off, we have a 90 percent employee retention rate.  With those statistics you can rest assured that, should an error or oversight occur, Abrams will respond promptly and make things right. We guarantee it.
“The Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association is most appreciative of Abrams Towing’s valuable input and generous support in the ATSSA effort to enhance safety, reliability and cost effectiveness in the commercial vehicle maintenance & service industry.”
Dan Cushing - President, Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents’ Association
“Remco Forwarding has been using Abrams Towing for several years and we are very happy with the service we have been getting. Hoping for many more years of great service.”
Kenny Lawton, Remco Forwarding
“From the point of contact at dispatch, to courteous service provided by the drivers to the follow up and attention to detail from the accounting department, all services provided are in a timely manner and are a valuable vendor / business partner with the dealership.

We only use Abrams as our sole towing provider and look forward to years of continued service.”

Scott Hossie - Service Manager, Harper Truck Centres Inc.