Abrams Towing has been Ontario’s trusted local towing company since 1984. We take pride in serving the community with reliable, professional towing services. Our clients have come to expect superior customer service, in addition to fast and affordable towing. But above all, we strive to complete our jobs in a safe manner to ensure the well-being of our roadside technicians and the drivers they help.

With safety as our priority, Abrams is constantly on the lookout for new technologies and systems that enhance the well-being of our team and motorists. To reduce the possibility of roadside accidents while we provide towing services, Abrams has equipped each of our trucks with HAAS Alert

Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert Saves Lives

Did you know that a roadside responder loses their life an average of every six days? Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert aims to eliminate tragedy with a unique solution. Thanks to this technology, drivers can now receive real-time digital alerts when Abrams Towing operators are working on the roadways around Ontario.

With alerts from Safety Cloud, drivers are given 30 seconds, or about 800 meters, of advanced warning so that they have time to slow down. This notification reduces the risk of collision by up to 90%! When considering how to protect our tow technicians, it quickly became evident that HAAS Alert is a no-brainer and must-have for any towing company that truly cares about its employees and clients.

When you consider the risks involved with working on a busy roadway, it is clear that Safety Cloud offers numerous benefits. These advantages are magnified when inclement weather, darkness, and tight stretches of road are factored in.

tow truck alerts

Ontario Towing Company Utilizes Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert

In conjunction with “Move Over” laws, HAAS Alert works to enhance safety by sending real-time notifications to drivers as they approach on-scene responders when safety lights are activated. This protects tow truck operators, roadside assist organizations, and motorists from collisions by giving awareness of the incident.

One of the best aspects of Safety Cloud® by HAAS Alert is that drivers will receive these helpful alerts through existing GPS navigation apps such as Waze and Apple Maps. This is in addition to integration with infotainment systems on vehicles, including Ford Sync, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Notifications are available for 2018 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Alpha Romeo vehicles. HAAS Alert continues to expand its offering of services to other vehicles as well.

Not only does Abrams now use Safety Cloud® to alert motorists of incidents, many Fire, Police, EMS, and DOT departments across Canada and the USA are also making use of this technology.

Details of Ontario Towing Company Using HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud®

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency roadside situation, you can have confidence that other motorists will be alerted of your position. Abrams believes in looking out for our employees and our customers to the best of our abilities. 

“Abrams is proud to use HAAS Alert to get motorists’ attention so they will slow down and move over; not only because it’s the law, but it also means everyone can get home safer to their families,” said Abrams Towing Manager, Max Worth.  

Our early adoption of life-saving technologies is one major area in which Abrams sets itself apart from other towing companies. In fact, we are the only company in Ontario to use HAAS Alert and one of two across Canada.

Look for these alerts in your vehicle! If your car is not yet compatible, HAAS Alert is constantly working to bring this technology to more motorists.