No matter how safe we are, accidents happen. Tow trucks play the role of “vehicle paramedic”, transporting a damaged vehicle to an appropriate facility. If your car is involved in an accident and becomes immobile, chances are you might need a tow truck to have it towed to a storage facility while the accident gets appraised. After the appraisal, insurance companies depend on Abrams to tow the vehicle from the storage facility to the repair shop.

After receiving such a request, our Dispatch assigned the call to Dave Morrow – a flatbed tow truck operator. Dave is no stranger to towing cars that have been damaged in accidents. After receiving the request, Dave drove to the car storage facility where the damaged car was being stored, and managed the paperwork on behalf of the insurance company. Once the storage company was paid off, Dave winched the damaged Lexus IS onto his flatbed safely. Once it was on his flatbed, Dave secured the car’s wheels using tow straps. This prevents the vehicle from moving while being transported.

Once the vehicle was loaded and secured, Dave was ready to go. The facility was only accessible by a narrow alley, which is how Dave entered. To get back on to the road, Dave had to slowly back up his truck, which can be challenging for most people when there is a car on your flatbed blocking your rear view. Dave was able to safely back up his truck on to the road using his side view mirrors. Once his truck was back on the road, he was ready to deliver the vehicle to the repair facility.

Tow truck operators like Dave help us deliver damaged vehicles in any condition for insurance companies. Abrams’ call center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver logistical support to insurance companies, roadside assistance companies, and their customers across Ontario. Thanks to amazing operators like Dave Morrow, we were able to complete this task on time on behalf of our customers.