Heavy Haul Team Called In When Porta Potty Emptying Truck Broke Down

Abrams’s dispatch center responded to a call requesting a heavy haul team for a broken down truck just off the 407 in Milton, Ontario. The call came from a regular customer who always utilizes Abrams’ heavy duty towing services for their fleet of trucks. On this particular day, one of their truck’s suffered from a broken serpentine belt and the driver was unable to drive it to a repair facility.

Trust us when we say that this was not your standard straight truck! It consisted of two tanks with the first being full of water. The second tank was a vacuum tank which was used to remove human waste from porta potties. Hey, someone’s gotta do it! The longer this truck was stranded on the side of the road, the bigger the risk of Ontario experiencing overflowing porta potties. 2020 has been tough enough and the population of Ontario definitely does not need to add overflowing porta potties to their list of troubles!

The Abrams team was with the truck within the hour. They attached their rotator to the front axle of the disabled truck, lifted it, and got it ready for transport. Having worked with this company on several occasions in the past, the Abrams team knew where their closest repair facility was located and made sure to get the truck into the shop as quickly as possible!

Great work out there team!

Heavy Haul Services in Ontario

Details of Heavy Haul Team Called In When Porta Potty Emptying Truck Broke Down

The Abrams 24/7 emergency dispatch team received a call requesting help from a heavy haul team. The dispatch team noted that the client calling was a returning client who had used Abrams’ heavy haul services numerous times in the past. A heavy haul team was dispatched to the client’s location in Milford, Ontario.

The heavy haul services team arrived at the job in 45 minutes. The job was just off the 407. The heavy haul team assessed the situation. The truck had a broken serpentine belt. With this type of issue, it is impossible for the truck driver to drive his truck and the heavy haul team’s services were indeed needed. The heavy haul team backed up their rotator towards the front of the truck. The heavy haul team hooked up their rotator to the front axle of the truck. The heavy haul team then lifted the truck and prepped it for transport.

The heavy haul team did one final lookover to ensure that the truck was properly hooked up to the rotator and was safe to transport. The heavy haul team was tasked with bringing the truck to the truck company’s repair facility located 45km away in Concord, Ontario. The heavy haul team took the 407 all the way from Milton to Concord. The heavy haul team arrived in Concord and deposited the truck at the repair facility.