Winter Driving Tips for Canadian Winters

Winter driving is an inevitable challenge for most Canadian drivers. Whether you are driving through a busy snow-covered highway in Toronto or zipping through a country road in interior British Columbia, snow and ice affects the way we drive.

Although a majority Ontarians live in the southern most part of Canada, we still experience snow for six months in a row, usually from November until April. Luckily, most Ontarians are fortunate enough to have continuous snow clearing services round the clock. Step outside the Greater Toronto Area however and the frequency of snow clearing drops quite sharply. A snow plow might only visit a small town once a day, and may only clear major roadways. Sideroads, rural routes and community streets seldom see a snow truck.

In any case, drivers across Ontario should be careful and cautious regardless of where they live or their driving skill level.


Tips for Driving in the Snow and Ice

First and foremost, the best thing to do is to avoid the roads at all during snowy and icy conditions. Use the roads only if you have to. Although you may do your best to stay safe, your safety could be at the mercy of other drivers. If you absolutely have to drive, then here are some precautions you should take to stay safe this winter driving season.