Winching a Truck Out of Deep Snow

If there is one thing Canadians are the most uncertain about, it’s the weather. One day it could be bright and sunny, and the next day we are hit with a big snowstorm. Most people can attest to what a blessing snow tires are when winter conditions turn ugly. From snow-covered streets to icy intersections, having snow tires greatly improves one’s control of their vehicle. Unfortunately, due to their sheer size and weight, trucks often fall prey to deep snow.

Truck winching a straight truck

Our client, a Toronto-based tree maintenance company, had trouble getting their Freightliner M2 truck out of the snow. After finishing some landscaping work, the truck had descended down a muddy, snow covered grade from a forest down to the road. Unfortunately, during its slow descent, it lost control and ended up in a snow-covered grass ditch.

Heavy Towing Operator Alan Eadie is in charge of this winching mission

Abrams dispatched Alan Eadie to the scene. A heavy tow operator for the past 20 years, Alan’s has helped hundreds of medium and heavy trucks get out of dire situations. After arriving on scene, Alan positioned his truck in front of the M2 that needed to be winched.