Underground Towing a Honda Accord from a Parking Garage

Tow trucks are generally fairly large. In fact, the average tow truck has an average height of 81 inches (6.75 feet) and a length of 96 inches (8 feet). Many residential garages generally have ceiling heights that aren’t very accommodating to trucks of this size. So when a customer calls us to tow their car that’s stuck in the underground, we usually send our specially-designed underground tow trucks to do the job. These compact trucks are single-cab, so they can only accommodate the driver, and two passengers beside him or her. The trucks are also lowered so they fit in covered spaces with low ceiling heights.

Abrams Tow truck approaches an underground parking garage Abrams tow truck specially designed for underground towing

So when we received a call to pull a Honda Accord out of an underground residential parking garage, we sent one of our best – Saied Haghighi – to do the job. Saied has towed hundreds of cars from underground parking spaces – everything from your daily-driving Hondas and Toyotas to exotic Lamborghinis and Ferraris. So a Honda Accord parked in one of his favourite buildings in North York? He’s on it.

Okay, technically, this building’s garage could accommodate any tow truck with its 7-foot ceilings. Most of our other tow trucks are longer crew-cab models and need more room to do the job. They could do it, however, it would take them longer. In a busy parking garage, a smaller single-cab truck such as Saied’s would allow cars to pass while the tow operator is doing his job.

Tow truck driver extends the wheel stoppers Tow truck driver reverses the tow truck so it lines up with the car's front wheels

Saied backs his truck in front of the Honda Accord and lowers his wrecker’s under reach. He reverses his tow truck so the wheel-stopper lines up with the car’s front wheels. Once in position, he uses wheel-pans to secure the back of the front wheel to the wheel-stopper. He looks through the glass to ensure the vehicle’s parking brake is disengaged. He then raises the wrecker so the car’s front wheels are off the ground. The vehicle is now ready to be towed.

Tow truck driver fastens wheel pans to the back of the tires Tow truck driver pulls the car out of the parking spot

Now for the final steps, Saied has to make sure the vehicle is safe enough to be towed on public roads. In the rare event the vehicle slips off the under reach, he must secure the car using safety chains.

Tow truck driver fastens safety chain onto the car Tow truck driver affixes tow lights onto the car's roof

Saied pulls the safety chains from his wrecker and fastens it onto the car’s chassis. Finally, he needs to secure the tow lights to the back of the car. Since his truck’s taillights are visibly blocked by the car he’s towing, these tow lights will provide the braking and turn signal illumination he needs while driving. Now that the car is secured, it is ready to be towed safely to its destination.

Tow truck driver pulls the car up the underground parking garage ramp Tow truck driver pulls the car from the underground garage to the street