Oldsmobile sideswipes Toyota, and then blames the Toyota driver. Who was at fault?

Driving on snow-covered roads is no fun. The lack of traction, poor visibility, and an inability to see the lane markers all create a terrible driving experience for most drivers. The driver in this video was driving his Toyota Matrix in his lane at what seemed to be an appropriate speed. Another driver in [...]

This Tesla decided to use the Bike Lane and Caused an Accident

We all love Teslas. They look cool, cost almost nothing to run, and are great for the environment. Some people would even say it is a status symbol of wealth and exclusivity - even though you could now pick one up for around $50,000. One of the perks of owning an electric car is using [...]

Car and Truck Overtake at Same Time – Who is at fault?

Country roads are beautiful and scenic. But with most of them having just one lane going each way and oncoming traffic driving at speeds exceeding 100km/h, they can be downright dangerous. The most terrifying part is when vehicles try to overtake each other using oncoming lanes. The following incident took place in Quebec. In this [...]

Man Creates Fake Traffic Jam on Google Maps by Carting around 99 Cell Phones

How do you create severe traffic jam on a clear road? Simon Weckert took 99 cell phones and towed them slowly through the streets of Berlin. This caused Google Maps to think there was a severe traffic congestion. As you know, when Google detects severe congestion on a street, it avoids that street during navigation [...]