Land Rover needs towing services after beach party

Everyone loves a good beach party! Bonfires, music, drinks and friends, it all sounds pretty good to us here at Abrams Towing Service! A little while ago, our towing team was contacted for the beach rescue of a Land Rover that got stuck in the sand after joining the party.

This party group was hanging out at Bluffers Park in Scarborough Toronto. They may have expected the party to last until the early hours of the morning but surely, they never thought it would end up with a towing service job needed on their SUV Land Rover.  Now, the SUV Land Rover does look quite indestructible but highway wheels and beaches just don’t mix well together. By the time the party was over, the bonfire had gone out and the music stopped playing, the driver couldn’t get his Land Rover to move. It was completely stuck in the sand and there was nothing else to do but to call Abrams Towing Service. Luckily, we are always standby for any kind of towing job or recovery.

Our towing service team received the call on a Wednesday morning and they made their way to the beach right away. Our towing service team drove out there with our rotator truck and we parked it on the parking lot, 500 feet away from the Land Rover. Getting closer just wasn’t possible as we’d risk getting stuck in the sand as well. Instead of driving closer to the vehicle, we walked out there with our 250 feet wire rope and a ground sling. We attached it to the landrover with straps and shackles and started the rescue mission. Within no time, we got the landrover back on the road and the driver couldn’t be happier finally making his way to his bed. Our team went back to the office for some coffee and breakfast. Great start of the day, team!

Next time you’re throwing a beach party, remember to park your vehicle on the parking lot instead of on the sand. Are you facing any trouble on the road or are you in need of immediate towing services, now you know you can always count on our team at Abrams Towing Service – we are ready to assist 24/7.

Towing Services Makes Beach Rescue

Towing Services Makes Beach Rescue

Details: Abrams towing services needed for the beach rescue of a Land Rover

Abrams Towing Service received a call on Wednesday morning. A Land Rover got stuck on the beach at Bluffers Park in Scarborough after a late-night bonfire beach party. Abrams Towing Service team was called to extract the Land Rover that was located 500 feet out of the parking lot. The towing service team headed to Bluffers Park straight away, bringing a rotator truck for the beach rescue. The towing service team couldn’t drive the rotator onto the beach without the risk of getting stuck. Instead, the towing service team walked out to the Land Rover with a 250 feet wire rope and a 250 feet ground sling. The towing service team then attached the straps and shackles to the Land Rover and started the extraction. Once back on the parking lot, the towing service team detached the straps and shackles, packed up and headed back to the office. The driver of the Land Rover could finally drive home and get some sleep.