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Abrams Towing Service Toronto


At Abrams Towing we understand that it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable when your car or truck breaks down. That is why our Tow Truck Operators are well-trained and equipped to deal with your needs in an efficient, caring and professional manner.

At Abrams Towing, our mission is to provide a superior experience for our customers. We continually strive to exceed expectations while improving our level of towing and roadside assistance performance.

Our equipment and personnel are seasoned problem-solvers who handle the broadest range of towing scenarios and consistently provide superior service to our clients. From the moment your call is received, we manage every step to get you back on the road in a carefully systemized way.

Every member of the Abrams Towing team fully understands the high standards to which we are each held, delivering timely and thoughtful service to our customers.


At Abrams Towing, our mission is to provide affordable towing service across the Ottawa Area. We continually strive to exceed expectations while improving our level of towing and roadside assistance performance.

All our drivers are highly-trained. Our rates are very affordable. After receiving your call, we instantly dispatch it to our drivers so you get quick and reliable service.

Abrams Towing Toronto

24/7 TOWING SERVICE • CALL 613-244-6000

CLICK TO CALL • 613-244-6000

Service Across the Ottawa Area

We operate the biggest fleet of tow trucks in the Greater Ottawa Area. With a large fleet of tow trucks across Ottawa, chances are there is an Abrams tow truck near you. We provide regular towing and flatbed towing across the Greater Ottawa Area, including:

– Ottawa
– Nepean
– Gloucester


Our Tow Trucks

We have regular tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks, and heavy tow trucks available across the Ottawa region.

24/7 TOWING SERVICE • CALL 613-244-6000

CLICK TO CALL • 613-244-6000

Oct 20, 2019,
Great fast service for my boost.
Oct 20, 2019,
Great service happy to call them when any of my fleet is in need.
Oct 19, 2019,
The man who helped me was amazing. Went out of his way to give me great advice. Thank you!
Oct 19, 2019,
Great service! I requested battery boost in downtown Toronto on Oct 18. The service was fast and affordable. The driver was also friendly and informative. I would highly recommend them.
Oct 17, 2019,
Had a tow truck to me within 30 minutes, price was reasonable and the driver, Michael was great!
Oct 16, 2019,
We were towed after an accident to a collision centre. The driver was very nice and personable. He told us what was going to happen with the car, which put our mind at ease. I have to say that they were recommended by 32 police station so thanks to them as well.
Oct 15, 2019,
Great service. Tow guy was at the location in less provided ETA. Driver was professional and took a good care of the car.
Oct 13, 2019,
Amazing service. Our van stopped on side of the highway. We called a few places and they were the quickest to help us. Reasonable price and good service.
Oct 11, 2019,
I woke up to a flat tire. That road assistant was very experienced fast and I was on my way very satisfied
Oct 10, 2019,
My driver was very good at keeping the mood calm and was very efficient and quick in his service. Highly recommended!
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24/7 TOWING SERVICE • CALL 613-244-6000

CLICK TO CALL • 613-244-6000


Gone are the days when most vehicles merely require a jack and a tire iron to change a flat tire. Some newer cars are even equipped with spare tires that must be inflated before installation. Other cars require installation of a special lug nut, without which you may damage your rotor. Call us to get your tire changed quickly and safely – without the hassles of needing special tools or accidentally adding to any vehicle damages.


Out of gas? Stuck on the road and need a refill?

Abrams Towing can quickly deliver you fuel wherever you’re stalled.

Whether your vehicle takes diesel, regular, or premium gas, Abrams is always ready to deliver fuel to get you back on the road quickly.


Motorcycles require special care and handling when towed.

The Abrams Towing Light Duty Division dispatches a flatbed tow truck and your towing operator will properly secure your motorcycle, ensuring that your vehicle is securely towed to your destination.

Our Customers Have Spoken

At Abrams Towing we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We ask all of our customers for feedback and we read every response. This helps us to closely monitor our operations while we constantly improve the quality of our service.

24/7 TOWING SERVICE • CALL 613-244-6000

CLICK TO CALL • 613-244-6000