Towing Company Called To Transport HUGE Shipping Container To Toronto

A customer based in Newmarket had been looking for a reliable towing company to do some heavy lifting. They reached out to Abrams and asked for their help picking up a fully loaded shipping container and transporting it to Toronto — where the customer had their own yard.

Shipping containers are also referred to as sea cans (or c-cans). This is due to the fact they’re manufactured to withstand transport across the oceans and the rigorous handling in ports and ships. The name is intuitive because of its ability to safely travel the seas.

After the towing company accepted their request, the team at Abrams were excited to undertake this mission. The two employees, Marcus (who was the float driver) and John were trusted to assist in this job. When arriving in Newmarket with their 50-ton rotator and tri-axle Landoll trailer they immediately assessed the situation.

The shipping container was fully-loaded with automobile parts, making it extremely heavy. With their trusty 50-ton rotator with them, they knew it wouldn’t be an issue.

The team wasted no time and got straight to work. John took the 50-ton rotator and Marcus took the Landoll. Using the rotator, John picked up one end of the fully-loaded shipping container and balanced it in the air. Marcus drove the Landoll underneath where it was loaded safely on the back. With that section of the job complete, the towing team began the rigging process to ensure the container stayed in place the whole drive to Toronto.

Once all the final safety checks had been done, the guys set off. All in all, the loading and rigging process only took them one hour.

Top work from Abrams towing company on this one!

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Details Of Towing Company Called To Transport HUGE Shipping Container To Toronto

Abrams towing company was called out to collect a shipping container (also known as a sea can) from Newmarket and transport it to Toronto. When accepting this job the towing company knew they needed some heavy duty equipment. The Newmarket towing company chose to take a 50-ton rotator and Tri-axle Landoll trailer with them to Newmarket to collect the shipping container. Once the towing company got to Newmarket the team got to work. One member of the towing company team got into the 50-ton rotator and picked up one end of the shipping container to balance it in the air.

The other member of the towing team team drove the Tri-axle Landoll trailer underneath the balanced shipping container. The towing service worked together to safely load the shipping container onto the Tri-axle Landoll trailer.

Once it was secured the Toronto towing service began the rigging process to make sure the heavy shipping container was secure. The rigging and loading process only took the towing company an hour to complete. The towing company then drove the shipping container to Toronto down Highway 404 where the heavy towing company dropped it in the customer’s yard.