Towing a Tractor Trailer from a Loading Dock in Toronto

Hi, it’s Marcus here from Abrams Towing. I got a call for a truck that had lost power while it was backing into a loading dock. As you can imagine, this is a frustrating situation for both, the truck driver and the warehouse. When I got on scene, I noticed there were two other trucks waiting behind this truck to unload their trailers. They must have been frustrated too. It was up to Chad and I to clear the situation.

First, I disconnected the trailer from the truck. Then Chad winched the truck to a position where he could safely tow. Then I connected my Abrams tractor to the trailer and reversed it into the loading dock so the driver could at least finish unloading his trailer. Once he unloaded his trailer, we took his trailer to his facility so it can be loaded for its next delivery. I’m glad to have worked with Chad on this one. This truck was sent off for tractor trailer repair services.