Towing a Generator using a Landoll In Toronto

I got a call to pick up a diesel generator and deliver it to an office building in Toronto. Because this generator was 10 feet tall, I had to use my Landoll trailer to do the job. The Landoll is a specially designed trailer with a low deck, making it possible to haul tall equipment that can’t be moved with a regular trailer. The yard crew used a forklift to lift and load the generator onto my deck.
Generator on a Landoll
Once loaded, I strapped and chained the generator to my deck so it was safe for the road. Then I drove to the office building to deliver the generator. Once I arrived, a large crane lifted the generator off my deck and dropped it on top of a 26-storey building! With people retuning back to the office soon, having a backup power generator is crucial for the safety and comfort of the office workers. It was a pleasure working with the yard crew and crane operator on this one!
Using tow straps to secure the generator to the Landoll