Towing a Ferrari 458 using a Flatbed Tow Truck

Every once in a while, our drivers have the opportunity to tow some pretty special cars. Last week, we received a call to tow a Ferrari 458 from a customer’s house to a shipping facility. Our dispatch assigned Rezk Zabanah to do the job. As one of our best flatbed drivers, Rezk has towed quite a few supercars in his day. He claims he often receives calls to tow Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens, among others.

Rezk parks the Ferrari right behind his tow truck

Rezk drives a Hino flatbed tow truck. Like most flatbeds, his truck features a tilt-and-load deck that tilts onto the road so that a vehicle can be loaded safely onto the deck. The truck also features a winch that is used to pull vehicles onto its deck.

Rezk operates the tow truck's deck The tow truck's deck is tilted toward the Ferrari

Most supercars ride fairly low to the ground. The Ferrari 458 has a very low ground clearance of just 11.3cm (4.4 inches). Fortunately, it is equipped with a built-in hydraulic system that lifts the vehicle, providing more ground clearance for loading and unloading.

After getting the Ferrari’s keys, Rezk reversed the Ferrari up a steeply-inclined driveway and onto the road. To eliminate the spacing between Rezk’s truck and the ground, his truck is equipped with tow ramps. Rezk installed the tow ramps to the back of his truck and aligned it with the Ferrari.

Rezk installs tow ramps to the base of his flatbed's deck Rezk brings the Ferrari closer to his flatbed tow truck

He then raised the Ferrari’s hydraulic system and drove forward closer to the flatbed. Once he got closer, it was time for a quick inspection to ensure the car’s wheels were properly aligned with the tow ramps before it was loaded. Once the wheels were aligned, Rezk winches the vehicle using his truck’s built-in winching system.

Rezk aligns the tow ramps with the Ferrari Rezk secures the right-front tow strap onto his tow truck

Once the vehicle is winched, it is time to secure it onto the flatbed. Rezk secures the front-right wheel using a tow strap and ties it to his flatbed. He then retracts the tilt-and-load deck and straps the other three wheels onto the flatbed. While doing so, he makes sure no part of the tow straps are touching the vehicle itself. The tow straps are only allowed to touch the tires.

Rez retracts the deck of his flatbed Rezk secures the other 3 wheels onto his flatbed

Now, Rezk is ready to take the Ferrari 458 to its destination!


At Abrams Towing, we put a lot of care into towing our customers’ vehicles. Each member of our team goes through rigorous hands-on training at the Abrams Training Center to ensure they are capable enough to handle each tow job. With our deep experience, you can be sure your car – whether it’s a daily driver or a rare exotic – will be towed safely by our team of towing experts. Call us when you need a tow truck near me.