Towing a Damaged Maserati Ghibli with a Smashed Windshield in Toronto

Today I got an unusual call. A man had parked his Maserati Ghibli luxury car outside his Toronto home last night, only to find a tree branch that was struck by lightning had fallen onto his car. I pulled up in front of his car and checked the situation. Then I carefully removed the branch and any loose debris off the car to ensure it was safe to tow.

After winching the car on to my deck, I tied tow straps to each of the wheels to secure it to my flatbed. After getting the destination details from the customer, I was ready to go. It’s scary how nature’s force impacts the things we cherish. Hope they repair his car so it’s as good as new, so he can cherish it again!
Why did we tow this beautiful luxury car with a flatbed tow truck? For specialty vehicles requiring luxury car towing, we usually tow them on a flatbed tow truck because there isn’t enough clearance to tow it using a regular tow truck. In this case since the vehicle wasn’t drivable (because you can’t see out the windshield), we winched it on to the flatbed, secured its wheels, and it was good to go. Many specialty vehicles are all-wheel drives (AWD) as well. For all-wheel drive vehicles, it is always recommended to contact a towing company that can tow using a flatbed or dollies because its wheels can’t be rolling during the tow. Rolling wheels on an all-wheel drive vehicle is not recommended because it could damage the drivetrain. For more information regarding towing all-wheel drive vehicles, check out this post: Towing an All-Wheel Drive – How to Tow an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle