Abrams Towing Service Helps Offload Stairs at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Abrams Towing Service made their way to Toronto Pearson Airport this week … and it wasn’t to catch a flight! An international freight carrier with a base at YYZ called us in to offload two sets of airplane stairs.

The company had purchased the portable staircases and had them delivered to their hangar. Unfortunately, they had no equipment to help them offload the heavy staircases from the flatbeds. Having worked with Abrams in the past, they immediately reached out to our heavy duty towing team for help.

Abrams sent out a 50-ton wrecker to assist with the off-loading. This wasn’t your everyday off-loading job. Ideally, the lifting points on the staircase would be at the top. This would allow for a more stable and balanced lift. In this case, the lifting points were at the bottom!

Thankfully, our heavy towing service team is composed of expert problem solvers! The tow truck operator used his truck as a spreader bar, picking up one side of the staircase with his under reach. He then reached over to the other side with the boom and lifted that side with the winch line.

The set-up took longer than usual but this ensured a smooth and safe lift. Within two hours, both staircases were off the delivery trucks and safely on the ground. Fantastic work out there team!


Details of Abrams Towing Service Helps Offload Stairs at Toronto Pearson International Airport

The dispatch office at Abrams Towing Service responded to a call from an international freight carrier. The international freight carrier needed a towing service to help them offload two sets of airplane stairs they had delivered to their hangar. The towing service dispatched a team to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The Toronto towing service team arrived at the customer’s location and assessed the situation. The airplane staircases came in three pieces. A lowboy trailer was holding one set of stairs while the other set was on a flatbed trailer. The first thing the towing service needed to assess was the lifting points (hook-up points) on the stairs.

Abrams towing service located the lifting points at the bottom of the staircases. The Toronto tow truck operator used the wrecker as a spreader bar, picking up one side of the staircases with it’s under reach. The towing team reached over to the other side of the stair case with the boom and picked up the other side using their winch line.

The team successfully lifted the first three pieces off of the lowboy trailer. When the first staircase was offloaded, the tow truck team was able to focus on the second staircase.

Both of the new airplane staircases were offloaded safely within two hours. The international freight company would be tasked with assembling themThe tow truck company departed Toronto Pearson International Airport and made their way back to Abrams Towing Service headquarters. Once at headquarters, they cleaned their equipment and remained on standby for the next job.