We all love Teslas. They look cool, cost almost nothing to run, and are great for the environment. Some people would even say it is a status symbol of wealth and exclusivity – even though you could now pick one up for around $50,000. One of the perks of owning an electric car is using the carpool lane on most highways. Unfortunately, the Tesla owner in this video took his privilege a little too far.

This driver decided to drive his Tesla on – you wouldn’t guess it – the bike lane. You can see from the dashcam footage that traffic was jampacked, so he decided to use the right-most lane, which was the bike lane. At 1:32 in the video, you will notice the bike lane symbol on the roadway. While the dashcam driver and the driver beside him stopped to let a Mazda3 take a left at the intersection, the Tesla driver, clearly not driving on a valid motor lane, didn’t see the Mazda and *boom* slammed right into it.

And sure, while it is allowed to merge onto the bike lane if you were taking a right (as some vehicles in the video did), the Tesla driver was travelling at a higher speed, which meant he had no intention of turning right. This Tesla has taught us an important lesson on why we should respect lanes and their intended uses. Watch the video below.

Who was at fault here? The Tesla for using the bike lane? Or the Mazda for not checking the bike lane before turning?