Toronto Box Truck Tow Team Uprights Truck

Abrams’ box truck tow team was requested at the scene of an accident on Lake Shore Boulevard and Windermere Avenue. A box truck loaded with bags of rock salt was attempting to make a U-turn at the intersection when disaster struck. Before the driver could process what was happening, the truck was laying on its side in the middle of the intersection! 

The company that owned the truck knew that if you ever have any heavy duty towing issues in the GTA, then Abrams is the one to call. Our team was on-site within 15 minutes and immediately got to work! The first issue we had to tackle was the salt itself. Some of the bags had spilled open during the crash and salt was now lying on the pavement around the truck.

Uprighting the truck would be considerably simpler and safer if the bags of salt were offloaded. With an empty trailer, there’s no need to fear a load shift changing the center of gravity mid-lift. The owner of the truck had all the salt bags manually removed from the trailer and placed on a nearby sidewalk. With the first round of lifting done, it was time for our 50 ton wrecker to come in and do the heavy lifting!

Before we could even think of towing this truck, we had one last hurdle to clear … The truck was still lying on its side and the driver’s side wheels were still in the air! The heavy towing team hooked up their wrecker to the back wheels and slowly pulled downwards. This downwards motion was enough to upright the truck! From there, it was a black & white tow operation. As per the truck owner’s request, the team towed it to a repair shop in Burlington, Ontario.

For anyone wondering, the truck itself was in pretty good shape considering it had flipped over onto its side. The team could only spot some minor dents and scrapes!

Great work out there team! A special thank you to the Toronto Police Service and Toronto Fire Service for doing a spectacular job controlling traffic while we got the truck upright. We knew that our team was safe with you around!

Torontonians, something tells us that the intersection of Lake Shore and Windermere intersection will definitely not be slippery for the next couple of days!

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Details of Toronto Box Truck Tow Team Uprights Truck

The Toronto box truck tow team at Abrams’ received a call from a customer whose box truck had just overturned on the intersection of Lake Shore Boulevard and Windermere Avenue. A box truck tow team equipped with a 50 ton wrecker was on standby nearby and was immediately dispatched to the accident site.

The Toronto box truck tow team arrived at the scene of the accident within 15 minutes of receiving the phone call from the customer. The box truck tow team assessed the situation. The first thing that needed to be taken care of was removing all the bags of salt from the trailer of the truck. All the bags were removed from the truck and placed on the sidewalk. 

The box truck tow team then secured the back axle of the truck. The box truck towing team hooked up to one point of contact on the truck. They slowly began to pull down on the wheels. Slowly, the downward pressure on the wheels began to upright the truck. Once safely uprighted, the heavy tow truck team disconnected the driveshaft. The Toronto box truck towing team then towed the box truck to a repair shop in Burlington, Ontario.