Semi Towing Needed As Tractor Trailer Avoids Disaster

A truck driver called Abrams’ semi towing team after a narrow miss in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. The driver was hauling a loaded trailer filled with 50,000 lb of aggregate. As he was driving down a main road in Oro-Medonte, he felt a sudden “clunk” in the steering. Knowing something was amiss, he immediately pulled over and called the semi towing experts at Abrams.

The semi towing team was by his side within 20 minutes. Only when they began their inspection process did they realize how serious the situation was. The wheel bearings on the front drivers side had completely disintegrated. How badly disintegrated you ask? The bearings were in such bad shape that the Abrams semi towing technician was able to remove the wheel using only his hands. All it took was a little tug and the semi tractor wheel was completely off! As you can imagine, had the driver not followed his instincts a major accident would have occured. 

The semi towing team immediately jumped into action. They pulled the loaded trailer to a safer, less traveled road where it was picked up by one of the client’s other tractors. The team used a 50 ton tri axle wrecker to tow the tractor. They hooked up to the front axle and pulled the drive shaft to avoid causing damage to the transmission. Once everything was secure, the tractor was towed to a mechanic yard specified by the client.

The semi towing team’s quick response time and handling of the situation saved a lot of time and ensured that the client’s trailer still got where it needed to be in a timely manner. Great work out there!

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Details of Semi Towing Needed As Tractor Trailer Avoids Disaster

Abrams’ semi towing team was dispatched to a semi truck in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. The semi towing team arrived at the scene of the incident within 20 minutes of the call being received. The semi towing assessed the situation. The wheel bearings on the front driver’s side wheel were completely disintegrated. The semi towing team continued their inspection and were able to remove the wheel in question with little to no effort. 

The semi towing team pulled the loaded trailer to a quieter street where the client arranged for it to be picked up and brought to its original destination. The semi towing team backed up their 50 ton tri axle wrecker towards the client’s tractor. The semi towing team hooked up to the front axle of the tractor and secured it using chains. They pulled the drive shaft in order to avoid damaging the transmission. The semi towing team did one final inspection. The towing team was confident that the tractor was ready to be towed. 

The client advised the semi towing team as to where they wanted their tractor towed. The towing team towed the tractor to a mechanic’s yard where it could undergo immediate repairs prior to getting back on the road.