Ottawa Hospital “No Stopping” zone issued $4,000 tickets in 2 years

There are many reasons why we stop our car on the side of the road. Most of the time, we stop on the roadside because we are waiting for someone. This is the case at the Ottawa Hospital General campus. Drivers who were stopped outside the Ottawa Hospital were issued almost $4,000 in stopping violations.

Along a roughly 100-meter stretch along Lynda Lane (south of Smythe Road), bylaw officers issued 1,900 “No Stopping” tickets. This is a $120 offence, $100 if paid early. In the same spot, 2,060 tickets were issued last year.

“Parking restrictions are implemented along this portion of the road to facilitate winter maintenance, and to ensure access for emergency vehicles during winter months, when snow banks can hinder such access,” By-Law Services spokesperson Alison Sandor said in a statement.

There has been some criticism of the poorly marked signage, claiming the same sign post has a “No Stopping” and a “2 Hour Parking” sign, making it confusing for most drivers.

“Residents are reminded to note all posted signage starting from the top down before parking,” Sandor said.

The signs identify the area as a “No Stopping” zone from Dec. 1 to March 31.

“No Stopping” signs are usually placed on active roadways where there is a continuous flow of traffic. Stopping in an active roadway might actually lead to accidents because cars behind you are trying to merge into the adjacent lane’s traffic in order to pass through. That’s why it’s important to abide by “No Stopping” signs.

While stopping in these zones is bad, parking your car and leaving is even worse. Parking enforcement might call their towing service in Ottawa and have your car impounded for blocking traffic. The Ottawa tow truck driver’s job is to get your car off the roadway as soon as possible. But don’t take it personally. They’re just doing their job to make sure traffic is flowing through and mitigating the risk of accidents.

Better yet, follow the above recommendation to ensure you adhere to the signs. On signposts with multiple signs, make sure to always give the top sign the most priority. Drive safe everyone!