Ontario Towing Company Cleared to Conduct Police-Requested Tows

Abrams Towing, a local Ontario towing company, is taking part in programs that have been created to assist Ontario’s towing sector. Plagued by competition and violence for years, the Ontario towing industry has had its fair share of controversy and issues.

In the past, Ontario towing company turf wars have seen tow trucks set on fire, and sadly, deaths of men connected with the industry. Organized crime within the towing companies has been behind the violence and the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Ministry of Transportation has spearheaded two different projects to try to diffuse these dangerous situations.

Abrams is a proud Ontario towing company. Abrams along with 10 other operators, must now be screened and approved by the Ontario Provincial Police in order to respond to police-initiated calls. Instead of having a large number of tow trucks from different companies arriving at the scene, only screened and approved operators are allowed to respond. This will reduce the possibility of on-scene fights between Ontario towing companies and towing companies taking advantage of the people requesting roadside assistance.


Details of Ontario Towing Company Cleared to Conduct Police-Requested Tows

The changes that the Ontario Provincial Police have implemented include an approval process, annual applications to track ownerships, registrations, insurance, and criminal background checks. As an Ontario towing company participating in the program, you are subject to inspections that check for required equipment, secured yards, and licensed drivers.

In addition, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has begun a pilot project in the Greater Toronto area that divides work into individual zones. Tows on provincial highways are now limited to 10 pre-approved contractors and the rates that they offer must be pre-determined.

These new projects are meant to make the towing industry safer for all those involved, including customers working with an approved towing company and the towing employees. Both projects are still in progress and challenges are addressed in scheduled meetings. One of the goals of the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Ministry of Transportation is to clean up the industry from criminal activity, which will take some time.

As a trusted Ontario towing company since 1984, Abrams Towing is proud to be a part of the project that is projected to last for two years. The president of Abrams Towing, Joe Gagne, commented, “It’s very smooth. It’s got a lot of checks and balances to protect the consumer and the trucking industry. The fees are reasonable. The towing companies are all working together to support each other’s customers.”

Although the Ontario towing company has its competitors, they are happy to be working together with other towing companies instead of perpetuating arguments and violence. Trusted by the Ontario community for over 30 years, Abrams Towing knows the importance of upholding a professional and honest reputation. They look forward to working with both the Ontario Provincial Police and Ontario Ministry of Transportation and providing their communities with only the best roadside assistance and towing services.