Driving on snow-covered roads is no fun. The lack of traction, poor visibility, and an inability to see the lane markers all create a terrible driving experience for most drivers. The driver in this video was driving his Toyota Matrix in his lane at what seemed to be an appropriate speed. Another driver in an Oldsmobile Intrigue, not too happy with the speed his lane was moving at, decided to change lanes right into the way of the Toyota Matrix – sideswiping it as a result.

Most people check their mirrors and their blindspot before changing their lane, but some people don’t get the order right. You should always check your mirror first and then check your blindspot. If you check your blindspot before checking your mirror, then the vehicle that was previously in your mirror would have moved into your blindspot as you check your mirror. Always check your mirror first, and if it’s clear, then check your blindspot. Once both are clear of objects, then you may use your indicators and safely change lanes. You should also spend enough time checking your mirror and blindspot – at least 2 seconds checking each of them. That way you are able to determine the speed of the vehicles behind you in the adjacent lane.

It is unclear the exact reason why this driver changed his lane without checking his blindspot, but he still blamed the Matrix driver, claiming his right of way because he “had his blinkers on”. Videos like these help us understand what not to do, and hopefully our lane-changing tips provide a refresher on what to do if you were in that situation.

Do you think the Toyota was speeding too fast considering the road conditions? Or was the Oldsmobile completely in the wrong here?