Hot Tub Delivery in Toronto on a Flatbed Tow Truck

No matter the weather, everyone loves some soak time in a warm hot tub. As the summer winds down and the colder weather kicks in, hot tubs are becoming more popular as an outdoor activity to enjoy with friends and family. That explains why we get a lot of calls from customers who purchase a hot tub and want it delivered to their home.


Usually, we get calls for 4-person to 8-person square hot tubs. This time however, we got a call for an ultra-long swim spa designed to be used as a hot tub and swimming pool. This large pool was the length of 2 hot tubs and was valued at $45,000. It was our job to make sure it was transported safely and securely to its destination. This job was assigned to one of our best flatbed operators, Moe. Operating a rare GMC C7500 tandem-axle flatbed tow truck, Moe has tons of experience towing all kinds of heavy objects and machines on his flatbed’s deck. He has transported fuel dispensers for gas stations and Zambonis for ice rinks from door-to-door. His friendly personality often puts a smile on his customers’ faces as he goes on about his work day.

Moe arrived at the hot tub manufacturer’s production facility. After arriving, he greeted the forklift operator and they discussed the hot tub’s specifications and where it needed to be delivered. The hot tub was sitting on a wooden skid for easy lifting and moving. The forklift operator used his forklift to lift the hot tub from the bottom of the skid and load it on to the flatbed. It was a bit nerve-wracking to watch this due to the length of the hot tub on the wooden skid. Regardless, the forklift operator was able to load it without any issues.

Now that the hot tub was on the flatbed, it was now time to secure it for transportation. Moe grabbed some tow straps from his storage compartment and wrapped it around the hot tub from the top. He secured the tow straps to the base of his flatbed. This ensures that the hot tub doesn’t shift around during high-speed transportation.

With the hot tub secured, it was time for Moe to do his safety check and then he would be ready for the road. The hot tub would be transported from the manufacturer’s facility in Mississauga to a customer’s home in Whitby – an approximate distance of 90 kilometers. Once at the customer’s home, the hot tub would be lifted by a crane and heavy rigging services above the house and lowered into the backyard.

Abrams has decades of experience transporting hot tubs and swim spas from various locations. Our door-to-door tow truck service ensures that our customers’ valuable backyard recreation items are transported safely and securely. So whether you need a hot tub or jacuzzi delivered from a warehouse to your home, or a gigantic swimspa transported from a previous owner’s home to your home, Abrams has the equipment and experience to get the job done.