Heavy Tow Team Assists With Geological Survey

Abrams was called out to Pickering, in the region of Durham earlier this month to provide Heavy Tow services for a geological survey. Not every job is a standard tow job responding to a broken down car. The Abrams team is highly trained to work with sophisticated machinery so they were the obvious choice for this job.

The heavy tow team blocked their whole day to ensure that they were on hand to assist the geological survey team in any way they needed. The geological survey team had a specialised drilling rig designed to collect core samples from deep below ground. The team was collecting samples from either side of a busy road. The drilling sites were not on level ground; they were at the bottom of small hills. 

The Abrams team was entrusted with lifting the extremely expensive drilling rig over the guard rail. Once over the guard rail, the drilling rig had to be manually manipulated down the hill to the collection site. The heavy tow services team ensured the drilling rig was secured by keeping it above ground using their auxiliary wench. This meant that the person guiding the drilling rig down the hill could have done so in peace, knowing that Abrams’ was safely supporting the weight of the drilling rig.

The job was a complete success and the collection team were able to head back to the lab with all their samples for analysis! Great job everyone!

Heavy Tow Services off 401

Details of Heavy Tow Services Team Assists With Geological Survey

The Abrams dispatch center received a call from a client in need of heavy tow services. The client needed a heavy tow team for a whole day. The heavy tow team was scheduled. The day of the job, the crane services team arrived at the job site in Pickering, Ontario, at the scheduled time.

The heavy tow team was needed to lift a heavy drilling rig above the roadside guard rail. The heavy tow operator used an auxiliary wench to keep the drilling rig secure while another team member slowly guided it down the hill towards the sample collection site. 

Once the drilling rig was at the correct location for sample collection, the heavy tow operator then slowly and securely lowered the drilling rig to the ground. The sample collection team took the samples needed from the ground. The heavy tow services team stood by all the to move the drilling rig along the roadside while the sample collection team collected the sames.

The heavy tow team lifted the drilling rig to the top of the road. The heavy tow team moved the drilling rig to the other side of the road. The heavy tow team lifted the drilling rig above the guardrail and proceeded to lower it to the collection site in the same way they did for the collection sites on the other side of the road. Once all the samples were taken from this side of the road, the heavy tow team lifted the drilling rig back to higher ground.