Markham Heavy Recovery Team Tows Truck After Fire

Abrams’ heavy recovery team was called in after a truck fire on highway 407 and Ninth Line in Markham, ON. The call was received by our 24 hour in-house dispatch team. They were told that a truck needed to be towed after a “small fire”.

John and Peter of the heavy recovery team made their way to the customer’s location expecting to find a relatively intact truck. You could imagine their surprise when they showed up to a completely destroyed tractor!

The fully loaded tractor trailer was on it’s way to make a delivery at a popular home improvement store when the fire occurred. By the time John and Peter were on scene, the fire department had already put out the fire.

The trailer was still intact so the heavy recovery team called for an additional tractor to transport the trailer to the customer. They separated the tractor and trailer, caged the brakes on the tractor and got it ready to be towed.

Our team was able to complete the recovery in safety as the police were on scene directing traffic. Now remember, if you ever see an accident or first responders on the side of the road … slow down and move over!


Details of Markham Heavy Recovery Team Tows Truck After Fire

A call requesting a heavy recovery team was received at the 24 hour Abrams towing dispatch center. A heavy recovery team made up of two heavy tow truck operators made their way to the accident site in Markham, ON.

Once the heavy recovery team arrived at the scene (on highway 407 and ninth line), they were able to run a full assessment of the situation. The heavy recovery team called their customer and advised them that the tractor was a total loss. The customer sent out a new tractor to pick up the fully-loaded trailer.

With the tractor on the way, John and Peter separated the tractor and trailer. They caged the brakes on the tractor and prepped it to be towed. Once they had the truck properly secured, the heavy recovery team did one final safety check.

With all safety checks passed, the heavy recovery team towed the vehicle to the customer’s location in Mississauga, ON. Unfortunately, this tractor is fated for the scrap yard as it was considered a total loss.

Once they deposited the tractor with the customer, the heavy duty recovery team made their way back to Abrams headquarters. They cleaned their truck and all the equipment they used during the recovery in order for them to be ready for the next job.

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