Tow Trucks called to Brampton after Accident between Lexus IS and Ford F-150

Traffic lights help control traffic at busy intersections, and they work exceptionally well. On smaller roads, STOP signs play a vital role in negotiating traffic at two intersecting streets. Because they are less obvious than a traffic light, quite often drivers fail to stop at a STOP sign. Aside from simply not seeing the STOP sign, some drivers assume that an intersection has all-way STOP signs, expecting intersecting traffic to stop as well, even though they have right of way.

In Brampton, two vehicles had to be towed following a collision. A Lexus IS sedan and a Ford F-150 pickup truck had collided at an intersection governed by STOP signs. The collision was strong enough that it caused the compact-sized Lexus IS to flip the heavy Ford F-150 on its side. From the video, it is unclear what happened, which road has the right of way, and which road has STOP signs. But we know that the Lexus must have been travelling at a high rate of speed if it was able to flip the F-150 truck. Based on this, here are some hypotheses of what might have happened.

  1. The Lexus sedan had the STOP sign, and the driver must have driven through it when the Ford pickup had the right of way.
  2. The Ford pickup had the STOP sign, and the driver must have driven through it when the Lexus had the right of way.
  3. Both the Lexus and the Ford had STOP signs, but the Lexus failed to stop while the F-150 did.

All three situations are very probable. Intersections in Brampton are becoming more dangerous because even inner roads are wide, giving drivers the illusion that the road is meant for higher speeds. However, with people crossing, children playing, and homes positioned at every intersection, it is crucial to adhere to posted speed limits.


Increase your awareness at intersections with stop signs. Even if you don’t have a STOP sign as you approach a 4-way intersection, be sure to take your foot off the gas, look both ways and proceed with caution.

Drive safe.

Video Source: @notmitchellloessl via Bramalea Rd (Instagram)

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