Abrams Towing

Accessibility Policies, Procedures and Practices:

Providing Services to Customers with Disabilities

Our Commitment

Abrams is committed to service excellence and in providing our services in a manner that is inclusive and accessible to our customers.  As part of our commitment to service excellence we are pleased to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Policy Statement

Abrams is committed to providing excellent, inclusive and accessible services to all of our customers.  Our commitment to accessible customer service to people with disabilities is consistent with our values of providing responsive, resourceful, reliable and responsible service.  In keeping with the principles of the AODA, Abrams Towing will make reasonable efforts to provide our services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all of our customers.

AODA Accessibility Training 

Abrams requires employees, volunteers, agents and others who provide goods and services on our behalf and those involved in developing our policies, procedures and practices to complete accessibility training as stipulated under the AODA.

Providing Services to Customers with Disabilities

Abrams staff and agents will make reasonable efforts to provide the same or comparable services to people with disabilities as those provided to others.

Staff will communicate with customers who have disabilities in a manner that takes their disability into account.

Customer service information including invoices, agreements, and other service related information will be provided in an accessible format to customers with disabilities upon request.  The format used will be determined in consultation with the customer.

The Use of Assistive Devices by Customers with Disabilities

Staff will be trained on the assistive devices, if any, made available at their locations and on how to interact with customers who use common assistive devices such as wheelchairs and scooters.

The use of Service Animals and Support Persons by Customers with Disabilities

This section of the policy applies to areas that Abrams owns or operates.

Customers may be accompanied by their service animal or support person on premises Abrams owns or operates in areas open to customers or members of the public.  Service animals are permitted in customer service areas unless the animal is excluded by another law.

It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of laws regarding their service animal.

Notice of Service or Facility Disruptions

Abrams will provide notice in the event of a temporary disruption in services or facilities used by people with disabilities, such as ramps, accessible entrances and accessible washrooms.


Feedback and complaints about the manner in which goods and services are provided to customers with disabilities help to identify accessibility barriers and areas that require improvements. Privacy will be respected and feedback will be reviewed for service improvement purposes.

Staff, agents and others acting on behalf of Abrams Towing will forward feedback to the applicable managers.

Contractors and Others Acting on Behalf of Abrams Towing

Contractors and other individuals or organizations acting on behalf of Abrams must abide by the AODA Accessibility Policy and fulfill AODA training requirements.

Questions about this Policy

If you have questions about this policy or wish to receive a copy please contact:

Abrams Towing
Human Resources
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Phone: 416-398-2500

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