Etobicoke Tow Truck Service Comes to Local Contractors Aid

A local contractor was in desperate need of a tow truck service after a not-so-perfect parking job in Etobicoke last week. The driveway of the house he was working on was extremely muddy and difficult to drive on. Unfortunately for the contractor, the slippery mud caused the van to lean up against the side of the house as he was parking it.

He could not move the van without scraping it alongside the house. While he had reached out to another tow truck service prior to calling Abrams, the driver took one look at the van and refused the job! He said it was impossible to move the van without causing further damage to it.

The customer then made a quick call to the team at Abrams. The dispatcher at Abrams had the contractor send them pictures of the van. They sent the pictures to one of their Etobicoke tow truck drivers who, without hesitation, said that he could do it.

With decades of experience under his belt, the tow truck driver devised a quick plan to recover the van. What made this recovery particularly difficult was that you could not put the van in neutral without it rolling further into the wall!

He made the decision to keep the van in park to avoid further damage to the van. Needing a strong point of contact, he hooked onto the differential, making sure to avoid any brake lines running along it. He redirected the line away from the wall and pulled the van sideways.

This type of recovery can be quite tricky without the right tow truck operator. You need to know the limits of the vehicle you’re recovering to avoid damaging the transmission. That being said, the Abrams towing team pulled off this recovery in only three minutes! Fantastic work team!

Something tells us our customer will be parking on the street next time he has to work on this home!

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Details of Etobicoke Tow Truck Service Comes to Local Contractors Aid

Abrams responded to a caller looking for a Etobicoke tow truck service to recover a Chevy Express from a muddy driveway. The customer had reached out to another tow truck service prior to calling Abrams. That particular tow truck service said they could not recover the van without causing further damage to it.

Abrams tow truck service dispatched an experienced tow truck driver to the customer’s location. The tow truck service decided to keep the vehicle in park as if they would have placed it in neutral, it would have rolled further into the wall.

The tow truck operator chose a strong point of contact on the differential. He made sure to hook it up to a location where it would remain stable under pressure. The tow truck service also needed to pay particular attention to the brake lines running along the differential.

With the line in place, the Etobicoke tow truck company began to pull the van sideways. Once it was clear of the wall, the driver was able to reverse the truck out of the driveway and onto the street.

With the job complete, the towing service made their way back to Abrams to thoroughly clean and disinfect their truck and tools. It’s no surprise that when locals need a quick tow truck, they trust us!